Purchasing Voice Lessons- How To Get The Most Value For Your Money

17 Dec

A great voice teacher is worth their weight in gold. The best teachers have years of training, not only about what makes the voice work and the steps to go through to work your own voice into singing condition and heighten your awareness about how to use it, but even more importantly, how to assess where you are at this very moment and the exact, correct steps to take from where you are to get to where you want to go. There is a large gap between voice teachers who simply hang up their “shingle” because they can sing and they suppose they can probably tell you what to do to sing yourself, and the well- schooled, lifelong teachers who really know what they’re doing and who won’t teach you to push and other ill-advised strategies that are ultimately damaging to the voice.

The challenge here is that most of the best voice instructors are remarkable voice teachers and are not usually good entrepreneurs, lacking the knowledge or desire to market their services and get out there to the world. Over the last five to ten years has come the advent of some opportunistic marketing companies who, as music lesson companies, “handle” all of the administration of coordinating teachers with students. Don’t misunderstand stand me here. Overall, that is a much-needed service. Students are desperate to find a good teacher and teachers are hungry to find students that they can teach. Unfortunately, in these arrangements, only about 25% of the student fees actually get to the person doing the teaching. So for those of you looking for an extraordinary teacher, I ask you to consider the following. The very best teachers have a rate that is what they charge based on years and years of experience. They rarely take a student below that rate and they usually have some sort of studio or training center, sometimes in a music store or stand alone commercial facility, but just as often out of their own home.

Most of the music lesson marketing companies charge the same rate as the master teachers, and while they tell you that you are getting a great teacher for the money you are paying, I can just about guarantee you that the acknowledged top teachers in your area are not working for these companies. Just think about it. If you were a top professional in your field, would you take a 75% discount on the fee for your services in exchange for the convenience of them doing a little marketing for you?

I urge you to ask professional entertainers in your area who they study with. Or ask the universities, or music stores. But please, do yourself a favor and find a great teacher who you can work directly with. You will get so much more lesson for you dollar and you will not regret it.

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